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Easy ways to make simple projects look fancy

My not-so-fast-and-easy linen dress project (which I’ll tell you about tomorrow) seems to be one of those current in-the-air ideas! And this lovely sewer does it on purpose. I really love this idea. In fact, it is a bit like doing a Chanel-style LBJ: you start with a simple pattern and create a masterpiece of couture sewing because of the techniques chosen.

I say, do not be a slave to a pattern! ~ GG

Lately, I’ve been sewing much simpler patterns, but taking time in finishing to make my items look really polished. There is nothing quite like the secret joy of knowing your skirt is lined in fun colouror that your pockets are made of a contrasting fabric. I’ve assembled some of my favourite ways to jazz up easy projects.

  1. Bind with bias tape.If you have been following this blog or my instagram feed, this will be absolutely no shock to you. you can use bias tape to bind a hem, bind a seam with gathering, bind arm and neck holes or do a Hong Kong finish to bind raw edges
  2. Play with direction on patterned fabrics.I love, love playing with stripes and plaid. By cutting on the bias or opposite the grain, you can easily upgrade basics. So easy and so fun!
  3. Make self-fabric buttons.This is a little tricker, but so worth…

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